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Commonly Asked Questions

What are my weight limitations?
We operate within the certified useful load of the aircraft. To insure this, per passenger weight limits are as follows: 350 lbs. for a camping trip, 300 lbs. for an out-camp trip, and 275 lbs. for a sporting camp trip. These are the combined weights for each passenger and his or her gear. We do average group weights. If an overweight situation does occur there is a $.90 cent per pound extra charge up to the gross weight of the airplane. Any overweight conditions over that would require an extra flight based on our published pricing.

All flights are based on a two person minimum.

Most prices are quoted as one way per person unless otherwise requested.

What about outboard motors?
Yes, you may bring them. Although, there may be an extra charge for motors over four horse.

What should I bring to an outcamp?
Our out-camps are very well outfitted. You need only bring personal items, sporting gear (i.e. Fly rod, flies, etc.) food , a sleeping bag and drinking water.

What to bring on a camping trip?

Pack light. Some of the remote ponds and rivers that we service are small. The performance of the aircraft is directly related to the amount of weight carried.

Should I hire a Guide?
If you are new to the area, we recommend a friendly guide. They are fun and they will save you a great deal of time in learning about your chosen area.

What is the Katahdin Air deposit policy?
Deposits keep us all honest. They ensure confirmation of your arrangements and they protect us against no-shows. There are no refunds for deposits, but they may be re-applied as a credit for a future trip if you legitimately cannot make it.

What about weather delays?

It does happen, although, we have a delightful 95% on time dispatch rate. In the event of a weather delay, customers will be flown-in in the order in which they were scheduled.

What if I am late for my flight?
Unlike with the airlines, you are not out of luck, but in fairness to the rest of our customers, we do reserve the right to put you at "the end of the line", if you are late. If you are running late, please give us a call and we will reschedule you.

Fire Permits: Maine State Forest Offices:
Greenville/Millinocket Area - 207 695-3721
East Branch Area - 207 463-2331
Masardis - 207 435-6975
Portage - 207 435-6644
Old Town - 207 827-6191

Millinocket Hospital - 207 723-5161

See you soon and Thank You for choosing Katahdin Air as your Wilderness Air Carrier.

Dear Katahdin Air Patrons:
We are very happy that you will be flying with us in the near future. In order to make your trip a memorable and enjoyable experience we have a few helpful hints that we hope you have time to read over before you arrive at Katahdin Air.

CAMPERS: Please remember that a fly-in camping trip is not the same as heading for the woods with a pick-up full of the latest campground gadgets. Our max weight of 350 pounds per person (body weight +gear) is very liberal. It is put in place for your convenience and safety. But, you do need to plan a little. Please try to stay within those guidelines. There is an extra charge for over weights.

These fly-in camping trips are a unique and wonderful experience. It is like stepping into the past. You are leaving the roads behind and moving into a setting that is much like it was when the Pilgrims landed. Along with the freedom, however, comes a serious responsibility on your part. Please remember that once our pilot drops you off you are totally responsible for everything until he or she picks you up at the end of your stay. If some equipment fails you are responsible. If you run out of food you are responsible. If it rains you are responsible for staying dry. If you hurt yourself you are responsible. There is no calling room service. There are no refunds on equipment or situations that occur while you are out there in them there woods. The good news is that if you have a great time…yes, you are responsible.

If you cannot accept total responsibility for everything that occurs while you are in the woods we recommend that you go to one of Maine’s fine sporting camps where “life is good” and yes, there is room service. We fly to the best and have information on request.

North on I-95 to Medway, Exit 244. Go West off the ramp onto Route 157 and proceed through Medway, East Millinocket, and Millinocket.

In Millinocket, follow the Baxter State Park signs (also can follow the scenic byway signs) for about 8 miles. At the North Woods Trading Post (on right) you will need to cross over onto the Golden road. It runs parallel to the road you are on. Once on the Golden Road our parking lot is at the end of the green levy that you will see when you cross over.



Children will be half price when these conditions are met:
    • 0-12 years old
    • 2 person minimum fare must be met before discount is applicable
    • half price = half weight (see below)
      • Sporting Camps 140 pounds
      • Housekeeping Cabins 150 pounds
      • Camping 175 pounds

Thanks for flying Katahidn Air!
Seaplanes Rock

        Use extreme caution when crossing over to the Golden Road. There is oversize trucking in progress.